R&D Specialists and Co-Packers

Take the Fastlane to having your product mass produced

Creative Culinary Fastrack R&D process covers everything to get your product ready for mass production.

Here are some of the pitfalls we’ve run into in developing products:

1.  It’s hard to find a manufacturer.  Truth:  Manufacturers are inundated with new product inquires.  Some receive over 200 inquires a month.  Most inquiries are products that ARE NOT ready for mass production.  Our experience is most manufacturers are GREAT they just don’t have time to educate customers.

2.  The requirements for mass production are unclear.  Before production a product needs:  Formula vetting, recipe development for mass production, development of a SOP (standard operating procedures) formulized panels, shelf life studies, ingredient validation tests, shelf life studies, and a small test run.  For liability reasons, these must be done BEFORE production is done.

3.  Most of the time it’s a long and expensive process.  Some companies charge upwards of $50,000 and it takes 6 months to work through the process.

When you have a new product, the process can be frustrating and waste weeks of your time searching for a manufacturer only to find our your product isn’t ready.

ENTER Creative Culinary Fastrack R&D

We’ve developed a reputation of having a simple and fast process to getting your product ready for mass production.

This saves you the headache from trying to figure out the process on your own.

This also saves contract manufacturers huge headaches as well:


2 reasons:

1.  We are constantly bringing manufacturers new business they KNOW is ready for production.

2.   We do all of the handholding through the process so they can focus on what they do best – manufacturing your products.

What makes Creative Culinary Different

  1. Reputation for creating winning products.  Manufacturers constantly refer clients to us because they know we develop products that can scale.
  2. Speed to market – We typically complete the entire process in less than ½ the time of a larger development house.  Our services are typically less than $10,000 a SKU.
  3. We place you with the right manufacturer proven for your situation at no additional cost. 

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